Thank you for your interest in upcoming opportunities to learn more about living yoga for modern life. When we understand the principles of yoga as a way of life through Ayurveda & Shakta Tantrik Philosophy, we can create more balance, ease & freedom in our own lives & those around us... even amidst modern challenges.

After offering these trainings for yoga teachers for more than a decade, I'm reformatting them to be applicable to anyone with sincere curiosity, while accessible virtually. (Teachers, you can receive CEUs (YA & I-AYT), or apply to your 300hr certification through the Kutilaa School.)

Living Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra has literally saved my mental health, changed the game for my emotional regulation, and is truly medicine for our modern world. I know this wisdom can transform your life, too.

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Building Resilience | April 20-21

Heart & History of Namaskar | April 27

Living the Yamas, Niyamas & Social Justice with Kavita Patel | April 28

Subtle Body: Elements, Intro to Ayurveda & Origins of the Chakras | Summer 2024

Agni: Ayurveda, Digesting Life & Nervous System Allies | Summer 2024

Intro to Tantrik Cosmology & Philosophy | Fall 2024

Living in Balance Ayurvedic Fall Retreat | Fall 2024

& more to come!

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