This training will teach you how to adapt embodied yoga practice to:

Maximize benefit.

Minimize harm.

Support inner-outer resilience in yourself & your students.

Help build a more resilient world, one person at a time.

✧ Learn new perspectives on yoga alignment for injury prevention, safety, and longevity of practice ✧

✧ Empower individual agency & innate embodied wisdom -accessible to all bodies- in your classes ✧

✧ Refresh your practice with wonder, inspiration, fluidity & intimacy ✧

✧ Make a difference & stand out as a movement guide ✧

Learn to embody the principles of yoga -connection, wholeness, healing, integration- through the way you practice, teach & cue embodied sadhana.

Align with the body's design from within biotensegrity & spiral anatomy.

Yes, I want to be part of the evolution!

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